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What is Maple Water?

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What is Maple Water?

Maple syrup is one of the most delicious sweeteners that you can have in your kitchen. It is made by collecting the sap from maple trees, then boiling that sap down to concentrate its natural sugars and flavors. The sap that actually comes out of the maple tree is much thinner than the finished syrup. That sap is being packaged and sold as “maple water,” touted as a tasty new – all natural – way to hydrate. The maple water, which is becoming more widely available, is slightly more viscous than water and has a touch of cloudiness to it, though it is almost clear. Just as coconut water has a hint of coconut flavor to it, this drink has a hint of maple flavoring to it, though it is not particularly sweet by itself. It is tasty, but, like coconut water, some will like it more than others.

Some attribute various health benefits to drinking maple water, but there has been very little research to support claims that drinking the water will do anything other than help you rehydrate on a hot day. For someone who likes maple syrup, however, this beverage is a very interesting change of pace from “plain” water and just might get you drinking a bit more water during the day than you might otherwise.

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