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Bites from other BlogsSome days, I just need a little more coffee to get me going than other days. I love coffee in all forms, from freshly brewed drip coffee to chocolate covered coffee beans – and everything in between. These coffee-infused treats deliver just the right pick-me-up – and lots of wonderful coffee flavor – for any occasion.

  • The Coffee Steel Cut Oatmeal Brulee from Catching Seeds is not a dessert, but a breakfast dish with a sweet twist. The slow-cooked oatmeal base is infused with coffee flavor and topped with a layer of caramelized sugar that cracks like a creme brulee when you dig in with a spoon. As I usually top my oatmeal with sugar or syrup, this is a wonderful way to add sweetness and dress up what would otherwise be a very simple breakfast option.
  • A batch of Espresso Chip Madeleines, from The Beach House Kitchen, make a great coffee break snack option. The tea cakes are infused with espresso powder and studded with dark chocolate chips. Mini chips, or finely chopped chocolate chunks, tend to work best in small cakes like these. The madeleines can be dipped in coffee to soak up even more flavor before serving, or dipped in chocolate to dress them up.
  • A batch of Cooking with a Wallflower‘s Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars is a tasty way to get a chocolate fix along with your coffee. The easy to make bar cookies use a generous amount of instant espresso powder and are loaded with chocolate chips. They can be cut into big bars or bite size chunks, depending on how you like to snack on them. They travel well, which makes them a great lunchbox or take-to-work option, too.
  • Recipe Throwback: I am a big fan of coffee ice creams and my Cafe Latte Ice Cream is always a favorite. The easy to make ice cream does not contain any eggs, so making the base is as easy as dissolving instant espresso into hot milk. Since the base comes together so quickly, you don’t need much time to chill it before putting it in your ice cream maker. You will need an ice cream maker for best results, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re an ice cream lover.

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