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Egg Separating Whisk

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Egg Separating Whisk
Separating eggs is one task that almost every home cook or baker will need to do at some point. Eggs must be separated so that you can use the yolks in custardy desserts, like panna cottas, and the whites in airier creations, such as angel food cake and souffles. Even if you don’t bake that much, you’ll probably make an egg white omelette or two once in a while. This funky Egg Separating Whisk is designed to make egg separating as easy as possible while eliminating the need for an extra tool. The whisk has a yolk-colored nylon “basket” in between its stainless steel tines. Simply crack your egg – no need to worry about accidentally puncturing the yolk while trying to move it back and forth between halves of the egg shell – over the basket and let the egg white slide past. You can tip out the yolks to use later, then use the same whisk to whip up your whites. The basket won’t interfere with the whisk’s performance, so your meringues and other creations will still turn out beautifully.

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  • Marshall Blenner
    June 1, 2015

    Honestly it doesn’t really matter. If you want to separate the yolk, then you should break the egg and then slowly tip the yolk between the two shell halves. The other way is a bit more messy; first rule wash your hands. Then break the egg. Tip it into your hand and then roll it between your hands the white will filter out between your fingers. I have found that the best thing is to have 2 bowls, one for whites and one for yolks. This way if things get messed up then you won’t ruin a whole meal.

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