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Flag Pie Crust Cutter

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Flag Pie Crust Cutter

Pies are wonderful desserts for the Fourth of July – not because pies themselves are naturally patriotic, but because July is a summer month that is bursting with all kinds of seasonal fruits and berries that are perfect for pie-making. I enjoy classics like traditional apple pie, as well as more colorful combinations like Strawberry Apple and Blackberry Raspberry Pie. When I’m baking for a big occasion or holiday, I’ll put a little bit of extra care into my pie decorating. This means that I might take a few extra minutes to make a lattice crust for a pie, or use little cutouts to decorate the edges of a plain pie crust. If you are baking for the Fourth of July, however, the stars and stripes are the perfect way to decorate your pie crust.

Williams Sonoma has a Flag Pie Crust Cutter that will give your pie a perfect holiday look and save you time. The plastic cutter looks like a giant cookie cutter, but it just the right size for stamping a design onto the top of a 9-inch pie plate. The cutter doesn’t perfectly recreate the flag, but you will get to see clear strips and a corner filled with stars, so the visual impact of the design is fantastic. The cutter is easy to use, thanks to handles on either side that allow you to press down the cutter evenly, and it is easy to clean. It can also be used for other occasions throughout the year, such as Labor Day picnics, Memorial Day bbqs or to make a statement on Veteran’s Day.

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