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Puzzle Pizza Stone

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Puzzle Pizza Stone
A pizza stone is a fantastic tool to have in your baking arsenal because it allows you to make perfect pizzas easily at home. Pizza stones work by transferring heat directly to the bottom of your bread or other baked good, resulting in pizzas with crisp, golden bottom crusts and evenly baked loaves of bread. Pizza stones are workhorses in the kitchen and they’re not usually as beautiful to look at as an enameled cast-iron pan, though they get the job done. This Puzzle Pizza Stone has both form and function, however, and it would make a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to bake pizzas at home.

The puzzle stone is made of soapstone, which is excellent at conducting and retaining heat, which means it will stay hotter longer and help cook your pizza crust better than other stones. When assembled, the stone measures just over 15-inches square, and each of the puzzle pieces breaks away from the main stone to allow for easy and attractive smaller serving pieces. The soapstone is easy to clean, so you can use it as a cheese board or other serveware when you’re not baking pizza on it, too, rather than just hiding it away in your oven or the back of a cabinet. When not in use, it can be stored flat or the pieces can be taken apart and stacked up so that they take up less room in your pantry. The stone comes with a bamboo pizza peel which will allow you to slide your pizza easily on and off the stone during baking.

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