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Wilton Four Layer Rectangular Cake Pan Set

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Wilton Four Layer Rectangular Cake Pan Set
When I turn loaf cakes into layer cakes, I usually use a long, serrated knife to make long, horizontal cuts and divide the cake into multiple layers. It takes a bit of patience, as you need to hold your knife very steady to ensure that the layers are even and the cake doesn’t crumble to tear while you work. An alternative to working with a loaf pan for a rectangular layer cake is to bake your cake in a jelly roll-style pan, then cut the larger rectangle down to a more usable size.

An even better option is to pick up the Wilton Four Layer Rectangular Cake Pan Set. This set includes four shallow, rectangular pans that allow you to quickly and easily make thin cakes that are perfect for layering. The pans measure 9.75-inches by 3.75-inches, making them just a bit longer and narrower than your average loaf pan. The pans are lightweight and have a nonstick coatings to ensure that your baked goods pop out out easily after they have cooked. The pans also nest together for easy storage when you’re not using them. These long, thin layer cakes look elegant and will add a bit of diversity to your baking routine. The rectangular cakes might be better for smaller gatherings, where you don’t need a cake that will serve 20 people, and they have a sleek, modern look to them even when they’re only simply frosted.

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