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Wilton Candy Corn Mini Cake Pan

Wilton Candy Corn Mini Cake Pan
Candy corn is one of my favorite Halloween treats, and it’s a fall staple for many whether you are a fan of them or not. Lately, I’ve been using candy corn as inspiration to make some yellow, orange and white baked goods for the holidays, such as cupcakes and cookies. This fun candy corn-inspired pan from Wilton lets you use the candies as a template for creating candy corn-shaped cakes. The Candy Corn Mini Cake Pan has six triangular cavities, each with three lines dividing the cake where the candy corn typically change from one color to the next. You can use any batter you like as the base for your cakes and, after baking, you can use the lines as guides when applying your icing or fondant to get the candy corn look. The pan is nonstick, so you don’t need to worry about the cakes getting stuck in the pan.

Of course, candy corn cakes are something you might not want to make year-round. Fortunately, this pan can actually be used for other occasions, too. For instance, you can turn the triangles into little Christmas tree cakes for Christmas. The triangular cakes also look like slices of a full sized cake, so you could even just decorate them with non-holiday frosting for birthdays and other occasions. Still, the pan is perfect for candy corn-inspired baking and a fun thing to have around for October and November baking.

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