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Wilton Easy Pour Funnel

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Easy Pour Funnel

Usually, I can get batter evenly divided into a muffin tin without any problems using a spoon or a small ladle. Once in a while, however, the stars align against me and I end up with muffin batter that wants to get stuck to the top of the pan, rather than sitting neatly in its muffin cups. It was after I had spend some time scrubbing caked-on batter off of the top of a pan that I started to wonder if there was an easier way to get batter into those muffin cups in the first place. It turns out that there is. The Wilton Easy Pour Funnel is a funnel with a trigger that opens and closes the spout of the funnel as you pull it, letting melted chocolate, cake batter, or even pancake batter flow out neatly and easily.

The funnel is not huge and is primarily designed for getting melted chocolate into candy molds, but it is large enough to handle most batters and will do well with thinner ones (like pancakes and some cupcake batters). Its size means that it is easy to clean and handle, even if you might need to refill it from the main mixing bowl as you work. Not only will it work well for you, but it will also work well for kids who might not have as steady of a hand when pouring batter and will enjoy the novelty and stability that the funnel gives them – especially if you let them do some chocolate work with it!

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  • melissa
    May 27, 2010

    thank you for fixing the RSS feeds! You’ve made me very happy again. 🙂

  • Katherine
    May 27, 2010

    Hello! First off, let me say just how much I enjoy your wonderful blog! I’m a regular reader to always looks forward to your unique recipes and posts. Therefore, I come to you with a recipe void I am in need of filling, and I hope you can help me out. My father loves Cap’n Crunch cereal, I mean LOVES it. For christmas each year, his sister always gets him a box – silly family tradition, but so much fun and great memories. So with father’s day coming up, I would love to bake him something special…something with Cap’n Crunch cereal in it! Maybe a pound cake or a cookie?

    But, aside from just having the cereal as an ingredient, I want this item to truly TASTE like the cereal – that’s key here 🙂 So, I hope you can use your special baking skills and think up something yummy for the most important man in my life, my father. Thank you for your time!

    Katherine Ann, from Pennsylvania

  • Paula
    May 28, 2010

    wow, what a great idea!

  • marcia moore
    November 9, 2013

    how can I get a funnel like that? I am in London UK I am willing to order from anywhere and pay for the shipping and handle & the price of it.
    Please send me some lines I appreciate

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