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Nordic Ware Square Bundt Cake Pan

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Nordic Ware Square Bundt Cake Pan
Bundt cakes are instantly recognizable due to their unique shape. The ring-shaped cakes are baked in fluted pans that have a central tube rising up from the center of the mold. The central tube helps the cake batter to cook evenly, though the pans are typically very deep. Bundt cakes can come with many different designs, though most feature ridges or grooves of some sort, and the majority have a gentle curving slope to the sides of the pan.

Nordic Ware’s Square Bundt Cake Pan is unmistakably a bundt pan, but it is probably unlike most other bundt pans that you’ve seen because it is square. The pan produces a ring shaped cake, but the cake has corners and angles – in addition to the more traditional decorative ridges – that you don’t normally see in a bundt cake. The pan is made from heavy duty cast aluminum and it has a nonstick interior, so the cake that is baked inside of it should mirror the shape of the pan perfectly when it is turned out after baking. As is the case with most bundt pans, I still recommend greasing and flouring this pan before use, just to ensure that you get as good a release as possible. This pan is a great alternative to more “traditional” bundt pans if you want to mix things up the next time you bake a bundt, or if you simply want to add a new option to your baking pan rotation.

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