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Wilton Decorator’s Choice Yellow Cake Mix, reviewed

Wilton Decorator's Choice Yellow Cake Mix
I’ve tried all kinds of cake mixes over the years, both regular and premium mixes. The premium mixes tend to be delicious, but they also tend to be so time consuming (and often so expensive) that you may as well just make a cake from scratch. When I use a mix, I want to save time and still end up with a delicious cake, so I look for a balance of flavor, texture and ease when I choose a mix to work with. The Wilton Decorator’s Choice Yellow Cake Mix because it promises to deliver exactly the features that I look for in a mix: flavorful and easy to make, with a tight crumb that is both tender and easy to work with.

The cake mix is just as easy to put together as you would expect from a mix made in conjunction with Duncan Hines, which is to say that it only takes a few minutes to put together and get the batter into a pan. The instructions call for softened butter, however I also tried the mix with oil (which is more typical of cake mix instructions) and also got good results. The cakes baked up evenly, with only slight doming and an extremely even texture. The tops of the cakes showed no signs of cracking or odd air pockets forming. The crumb had a slightly more open texture than I expected it to, however it did have more structure than most cake mix cakes and was sturdy enough to easily stack into layers. The cake was moist, with a good balance of sweetness and vanilla flavor.

Wilton Decorator's Choice Yellow Cake Mix

Overall, I found the mix to be a great choice, particularly if you enjoy cake decorating and want a cake mix that will hold up to a lot of manipulation without cracking or crumbling. I was able to easily cut cake rounds into multiple layers, which can be very difficult to do with extremely fluffy cake mix cakes. This one struck a nice balance of consistency and flavor, so it will probably pick up a permanent spot in my pantry, just in case I need another box!

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  • Cheryl
    April 30, 2015

    Looks like this is the 18 oz size where the many of the “regular” mixes are 16 oz.

  • Lissa
    May 1, 2015

    I like Wilton Cake ideas. I bought a wedding cake making book from Wilton and I tried to make a regular white cake. It really didn’t have any flavor. It was neutral and the cake turned out hard, not moist like most of the box cakes. Once the dirty icing and the fondant were applied, it had more sweet flavor. What I liked about Wilton is that you could make a cake anyway you want. You don’t have to pay all the money to a bakery. You can have the same, if not better, result at home.

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