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Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Food Prep Set

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Joseph Joseph Nest 100

Space is always at a premium in my kitchen, so I often find myself planning where I will store new gadgets and tools when I buy them. When kitchen products are designed with saving space in mind, it can be a huge plus, whether you are adding to an existing kitchen collection or furnishing a brand new home. The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Food Prep Set is a great example of practical – but stylish – design.

The nine piece set includes two mixing bowls, a sieve, a collander and five measuring cups, all of which stack together perfectly so that they take up the smallest footprint possible in your pantry. The bowls are generously sized, good for mixing everything from cupcake batter to scrambling a few eggs. The bowls both have pour spouts and nonslip bases, which make them even more versatile. The sieve will help ensure that you don’t get lumps in any of your batters, while the colander can be used for food prep and pasta straining. The set is made primarily of stainless steel with nylon handles and measuring cups. The steel and grey color scheme gives the set a sleek, professional look that will stand out in any kitchen.

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