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Cuisipro Robot Ice Pop Molds

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Cuisipro Robot Ice Pop Molds
Still on a robot kick from playing with a stackable set of Robo Measuring Cups, I couldn’t resist pointing out Cuisipro Robot Ice Pop Molds, which make a set of six robot-shaped popsicles. I am a fan of the Cuisipro popsicle molds in general, and these are no exception. Made of sturdy plastic, the popsicles snap into a tray that holds them perfectly upright as they freeze, ensuring that you get an evenly frozen popsicle. The robots are fairly wide compared to most other popsicle designs, but the stick has a built-in drip guard that should help contain any mess that results as the robot defrosts (especially in the hands of kids who might be playing with their robot as they eat!). As fun as the robots are, my favorite thing about these molds are the sticks themselves. Each one has a gear design on the end that goes into the popsicle and a wrench shape on the handle side. It’s those little details that take these pops over the top and make them really fun to fill and eat.

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