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Nordic Ware Beehive Cakelet Pan

Nordic Ware Beehive Cakelet Pan
I love mini cakes of all shapes and sizes and own a wide variety of specialty pans that allow me to make them, even if I usually stick to the most widely available mini cake pans (muffin pans, for instance) for most of the recipes I share here. Most cake and muffin recipes can be easily adapted to mini cake pans by tweaking the baking time a little bit, giving your desserts a whole new look without much extra effort. This new Nordic Ware Beehive Cakelet Pan is one of the cutest new pans that I’ve seen in a while and is well worth adding to your collection this season if you, like me, have a soft spot for fun pans.

The beehive pan is made of heavy duty cast aluminum, like most of Nordic Ware’s products, and bakes six individual cakes that are shaped like little beehives – complete with detailed bees on top. The the pan is nonstick, which should help ensure that all the detail of the pan transfers to the finished cakes without a fuss, and has a decorative honeycomb pattern on it that gives the pan a lot of flair. You can serve the cakes as-is, or drizzle them with a little bit of glaze to add an extra bit of sweetness. Of course, cakes that use honey as a sweetener are a natural choice for this type of pan. My Honey Cake with Lemon Glaze would be a perfect fit, especially if you garnished the top of each cake with a little piece of honeycomb.

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