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Cook’s Country rates Egg Separators

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Egg Separator
Many types of baked goods and desserts call for separated eggs, and when eggs need to be separated, you need to ensure that the yolks and whites don’t mix. This can be a challenging task even for experienced cooks, as a few drops of egg yolk in your whites is likely to throw off a meringue recipe, so many people turn to egg separators for a little assistance. Egg separators are kitchen gadgets that help keep separate your eggs with minimal help from you and promise a foolproof way to divide those eggs. In a recent issue (April/May 2012), Cook’s Country set out to test some widely available egg separators to see how they worked.

The test kitchen discovered that most egg separators don’t work very well. Many don’t have large enough slots to allow the egg whites to fall through, away from the yolks. Others have slots that are too large, and won’t keep the yolk separate. On top of that, most didn’t make the egg-separating process go any faster. Even so, there were a couple of models that performed reasonably well and garnered “recommended with reservations” reviews.

Their top pick was the Wilton Better Baking Egg Separator. This model looks like a measuring cup without a handle and has a catch basin that holds on to the yolks while you crack eggs into it. It also holds up to 10 eggs, and the measurements on the cup allow you to easily see how much egg you’re collecting (which is great for recipes that call for a lot, like Angel Food Cake). The second top pick was the Kuhn Rikon Egg Separator (pictured), a slightly more complex system that allows you to separate, measure and store both egg whites and yolks. It holds up to 20 egg whites, which was convenient, although the separation process still was not speedy. A handheld separators, such as the Fox Run Separator, were not easy to use and very slow compared to separating egg by hand, so they garnered “not recommended” review.

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  • Linda
    March 8, 2012

    I can’t say I’ve been tempted by most egg separators–seems like more work than using the egg shells and another “only good for one thing” item in the kitchen that we try to avoid. I really hate the ones that look like a face and the nose is used to separate the egg. Some folks seem to think that one is funny but I think it is rather disgusting. 🙂

  • Kenni
    March 8, 2012

    I usually just crack the egg into a cup and scoop up the yolk carefully with *clean* hands. This has always worked for me and even though it may seem gross is actually a lot of fun.

  • rainey
    March 8, 2012

    Yeah. Add me to the no gimmicks or gadgets group. The broken shell does the job extremely well and you don’t even have to go looking for it when you need it. ;>

  • Lauren
    March 9, 2012

    I am awful at cracking eggs… I have managed to do it wrong 100 different ways. I got the Kuhn Rikon Egg Separator as a wedding shower gift and it has been wonderful. Some of us are just egg cracking challenged and this makes a big difference. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs help seperating eggs.

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