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Bites from other BlogsI’ve been on a big cookie kick lately, so it should be no surprise that cookies are what caught my eye this week as I looked around for delicious recipes on other food blogs. If you’re looking for a little weekend baking, these options are fantastic!

  • Coffee and cookies are always a good combination, and Fresh April FloursCappuccino Cookies bring the two together. The cookies use some of my favorite flavors: instant coffee and white chocolate. White chocolate is particularly good with coffee because it both brings out the coffee flavor and tempers it, so it is showcased without dominating more subtle flavors, like butter and brown sugar. This recipe makes a small batch that would be good for everyday snacking!
  • I usually wait until at least mid-morning before I start munching on cookies, but with Gather and Dine‘s Cardamom Vanilla Breakfast Cookies, you won’t have to. These cookies are made with whole wheat flour, ground almonds and lots of old-fashioned oats. They’re lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup and mashed banana, which also helps bind the cookies and give them a soft texture. The cookies are hearty and great for snacking, but flavorful enough that you’re going to know you’re eating a cookie and not a protein bar.
  • The Spiced Life brought an unusually savory element into a batch of cookies with a recipe for Rosemary Bourbon Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Smoked Sea Salt. These cookies are sweet, smokey and have such complexity that you’re going to keep coming to them, wondering what delicious flavors you’ll find in the next bite. This recipe might not be the biggest hit at the school bake sale, but they are perfect for a cookie-aholic who is looking for something that is delicious, but a little outside of the box, for the next batch!
  • With St Patrick’s Day coming up, I didn’t want to overlook Paint The Gown Red‘s Mint Chocolate Shamrock Cookies. These adorable chocolate clover-shaped cookies are paired up and sandwiched with a peppermint cream filling for an addictive mint-chocolate combination. The filling is dyed green to bring in a little holiday color, but you can skip that if you prefer your cookies to have a sleek black and white color palate. You could also use the cookies to make holiday ice cream sandwiches, using mint chocolate chip ice cream as the filling in place of the creme!

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