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I Eight Sum Pi Dish

I Eight Sum Pi Dish
One common complaint about baking is that you have to do a lot of measuring to ensure that your recipes turn out perfectly. I have never personally found this to be a problem, but then again I was a bit of a math geek back in school. The fact that I always had a soft spot for math class is probably why I also have a soft spot for the I Eight Sum Pi Dish. This is the pie plate for your inner math geek – and you know who you are. The plate has text on the bottom of it that translates to “i eight sum pi,” which is only revealed after you have, indeed, eaten some pie.

The pie plate is just over 10-inches in diameter and is a good choice for deep dish pies. It is ceramic, with a nice glaze to the finish. Ceramic pie plates are known to encourage even browning, so you can expect that your crust will look picture-perfect every time you bake in it. There is also a set of matching pi plates available, for those who just can’t get enough pie or pi.

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