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Chef’n MixQuick


Flavor trends in baking come and go over the years, but you might not expect that there are trends when it comes to baking tools, as well. Baking tools, from spatulas to stand mixers, often seem like staples in our kitchens. The Chef’n MixQuick is a great example of a type of tool that is starting to enjoy a bit of a renaissance at the moment. This compact hand mixer is not electric or battery operated, but is powered entirely with a good, old fashioned hand crank. It’s a bit retro, but this classic tool has gotten a fresh redesign that makes it easier to use than ever before. 

Unlike the hand-powdered mixers you might remember from years past, the wheel design of this one makes it much easier to turn and it comes with three different types of attachments. The double whisks are ideal for mixing batters, beating eggs and even whipping meringues. The frother will help you to “steam” milk for a latte and beat up batches of whipped cream. The disc-shaped mixing head is used to blend salad dressings and sauces. The trio of heads, which are all dishwasher safe, gives this little gadget a lot more versatilyt than your standard whisk. The MixQuick might not be the best choice of kitchen tool if you do a lot of heavy duty baking, but it is a real space saver and can easily find a place in the pantry of many cooks who need a lighter-duty kitchen tool. 

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