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Finger Food Plates

Finger Food PlatesSince the holiday season kicks off with Halloween and leads into two months full of holiday parties, family get-togethers and other seasonal celebrations, this seems like the perfect time to check out some little things that might be a big help during the entertaining season. And when I say “little things” I really mean little things. Finger Food Mini Plates are just about the cutest party accessory that I’ve seen, and easily the most creative way to serve bite-sized appetizers to your guests.

The reusable plates are made of plastic and are about 3-inches in diameter. Each one is mounted on a ring that should slide easily – even if only partway – onto most fingers. They’re lightweight and just make it really easy to carry around both a drink and a bite to eat. The only downside is that you’ll have to refill your plate fairly frequently, since this one doesn’t hold much. If it helps, you can always think of it as built-in party portion control and tuck them into a purse or pocket when you’re traveling to other gatherings, rather than just passing them out at your own.

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