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Baking Bites for Craftsy: Beer Bread 101

Baking Bites for Craftsy: Beer Bread 101
The smell of homemade bread baking fresh from the oven is one of the most delicious scents you can have you in your kitchen. Homemade bread can be a time consuming project on some days, however, and you might not feel up to breaking out the yeast and waiting through a few hours’ rising time before you are able to eat that bread. One solution is to whip by a batch of beer bread to hold you over. Beer bread is a quick bread that uses beer to give it a yeasty smell and flavor that is surprisingly similar to regular yeast breads. Like Irish soda breads – another type of quick bread that also needs no rising time – beer breads can be made easily on very short notice, leaving you with a batch of amazing bread any time you want it. I have a great recipe for a Basic Beer Bread over at the Craftsy Blog (it’s free!) that is versatile enough to be paired with sweet and savory foods.

Also, try my Cinnamon Raisin Beer Bread and Apricot Beer Bread recipes for great breakfast bread variations on the basic loaf!

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