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Bakeball Bat

Bakeball Bat
Baseball fans know that spring training gets started in February every year. While no games played until later in the spring, the players use those first few weeks to get back into shape after a seasonal break and the coaches have a chance to see how their players, new and old, are working together. The tools in your kitchen work together like players on a baseball team and you’re the coach leading your whisks, spatulas and rolling pins together to make delicious cakes and other goodies. If you’re a baseball fan, you might want to use the start of spring training season to add the Bakeball Bat to your roster.

This baseball bat-shaped rolling pin is made form solid wood and measures nearly 18-inches long. Like a regular baseball bat, this one tapers at one end. While having a one-sided rolling pin isn’t necessarily ideal for baking, you can think of this one as a sort of french rolling pin and use it for pie and pastry doughs in much the same way, rotating your bat to ensure that you’re getting a perfect roll. The bat is laser-engraved with the Bakeball logo, but the engraving isn’t so deep that you’ll find it appearing on your baked goods in unwanted places.

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