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Nordic Ware Sweetheart Rose Cake Pan

Rose Cakelet Pan
What could be better than a bouquet of roses on a holiday like Valentine’s Day? How about a bouquet of edible roses made from cake? The Nordic Ware Sweetheart Rose Cake Pan is a nonstick, cast aluminum pan that bakes cakes into a dozen detailed roses. Each rose looks like a bloom that hasn’t quite opened yet, and while they are very detailed, but the details of the petals are well planned out so it is still easy to get the cakes out of the pan with the design intact.

The cavities of the pan each hold a half cup of batter, which makes them about the same size as your standard muffin cavity. Recipes for muffins and cupcakes will work very well in this pan, although I recommend choosing recipes that don’t have large mix-ins (such as fruit or chocolate chips) because they may obscure the details of the pan’s design. After baking, turn the cakes out of the pan and allow them to cool. If necessary, trim the bases of the flowers so that they sit flat, with upright blooms.

A cake with this much detail is best served plain or with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar so you can see the design clearly. A thin glaze is also a good option, if you want some extra sweetness, or you could pipe a filling into the cupcakes through the base of the cake so that there is a sweet surprise in the center of each rose.

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  • CookwareBliss
    February 1, 2012

    This rosecake pan would be perfect for baking some treats for Valentines Day 🙂

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