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Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff, reviewed

Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff, reviewed
Marshmallow Fluff is a delicious, scoopable marshmallow creme that we all know and love. The Marshmallow Fluff brand has been around for nearly 100 years and is still produced in almost the exact same way that it has always been. It’s a great way to satisfy a sugar craving when eaten by the spoonful, and it’s an excellent way to top off a mug of hot chocolate. You can also use Fluff to make fluffernutters – sticky, salty and sweet peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwiches. I was always familiar with the original white Fluff, but it has actually been produced in a few different flavors over the years. While I was out shopping recently, a container of bright pink Strawberrry Marshmallow Fluff caught my eye and I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff isn’t going to be as good in a fluffernutter sandwich as the original flavor is, but it is an excellent hot chocolate topping if you happen to be a fan of chocolate-dipped strawberries. The creamy marshmallow spread has the same texture as the original and has a bright strawberry punch to it. The flavor is instantly recognizable and tastes a bit more like strawberry candy than fresh strawberries – but Fluff is basically a jar full of candy to begin with, so that isn’t a bad thing! It reminds me of the Strawberry Milk that I used to drink as a kid and I really liked it as a fun change of pace from regular marshmallows on cocoa. Since the strawberry flavor isn’t going to go with everything, you’ll have to play around with it a bit if you want to do some baking with it. You can always use it as a filling for a batch of chocolate whoopie pies, or simply enjoy a spoonful of childhood memories at a time.

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  • Ryan
    March 2, 2015

    Oooooh I think I might have to make some rice crispy treats with this! My sisters are vegetarians (vegetarian marshmallows are so expensive!) and I use fluff to make them, since there’s no gelatin. Delicious!

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