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Wilton Make-a-Face Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

Wilton Make-a-Face Halloween Cookie Cutter Set
When it comes to decorating cookies for Halloween, you have quite a few choices. You can use cookie cutters to produce ghosts, spiders, pumpkins and other holiday icons. Cookie cutters give you the outline, then it is up to you to bring your creations to life with a little bit of creativity and a lot of frosting. Just as with carving jack o’ lanterns, the pumpkin doesn’t have any personality until you have put a face on it. Wilton’s Make-a-Face Halloween Cookie Cutter Set streamlines the process of bringing your Halloween cookie creations to life. The set includes five cookie cutters for shaping your cookies – a monster face, a skeleton skull, a spider, a ghost and a pumpkin – and five face stamps that will give them some character. The faces are simple and funny, so you’ll get a very clear sad, angry or goofy expression on your cookie monsters. You can mix and match the faces to play up your favorites, as well. The cutters and the stamps are all made of food-safe plastic that is easy to use (even for kids) and easy to wash when you’re done decorating. You won’t need to use as much icing to get the look you want and your cookies will be a lot more fun.

The stamps can also be used with other types of cookie cutters, if you have some favorites around the kitchen that you like to use during the holidays. For instance, I have some bat and witch cookie cutters and these could easily be used to stamp some personality onto them. It is best if you choose a sugar cookie dough that doesn’t spread too much during baking to ensure that your face stamp comes through clearly and your cookie comes out with well-defined edges.

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  • Carla
    October 18, 2015

    I would like to know the dimensions of these cookie cutters please


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