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iRepel Nanotech Chef’s Gear

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iRepel Home Men's Chef Shirts
Chefs’ coats can seem like something that only professional cooks wear and are something that most home cooks wouldn’t even think about buying to wear in their own kitchen. But avid cooks – or cooks prone to spilling and splashing on themselves as they work – should reconsider, because a chef’s coat that offers good coverage is the easiest way to keep yourself and your clothes clean and spot-free while you’re cooking. They’re better than aprons alone and can give you a little rush of feeling like a “real” chef on top of it.

While they might protect your clothing, the jackets are just as likely to get stained by splashes of everything from tomato sauce to chocolate ganache as anything else. Bleach and stain remover go a long way, but to keep your coat looking pristine, you might want to opt for an iRepel Home Men’s Chef Shirt instead. iRepel Chefs Gear is a unique line of cooks’ clothing that is made to repel water and stains – which means that even if you spill a whole ladle full of spaghetti sauce on your coat, you can rinse it away completely with just a splash or two of tap water. The secret is a unique use of nanotechnology that has essentially imparted a nonstick quality to the fabric used to make the coats, so they stay cleaner longer (primarily needing a rinse here and there) and require less frequent washing (which is eco friendly).

The fact that the coat says “home chef gear” on the chest, coupled with the fact that most restaurant kitchens don’t want their staff wearing just any old coat, means that this coat might not be as attractive to actual professional chefs, but if you are one and have some flexibility in your uniform, an iRepel coat should perform just as well in a more intensive use situation as it does in a home kitchen.

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  • Leyla
    August 31, 2011

    SO COOL!!! Where can I buy one?

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