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Snack O Lanterns

Snack O Lanterns
Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun activities you can do around Halloween and I carve a lot of pumpkins every year. Some years, I get creative and carve non-traditional pumpkin designs, like my pie pumpkins, but I always have a soft spot for classic jack o’ lantern faces because they are so expressive! You can take the fun of making jack o’ lanterns into the kitchen with a set of Snack O Lanterns cookie cutters from Fred.

I admit that it was the name of these cute cookie cutters that first caught my eye, but the cutters themselves are a lot of fun to work with. The set comes with one large pumpkin cookie cutter and six different face designs that you can stamp into the cookie dough once the outline is cut. The designs are classic pumpkin faces, the kind of thing that you probably carved (or tried to carve!) into your jack o’ lanterns when you were a kid, and that nostalgic look is part of what makes these cookies so very appealing. The faces are bold, which means that you’ll still be able to see the faces in your dough even if the cookies spread out a little bit during baking. As is the case with all cut-out cookies, however, you should try to chose a dough that doesn’t spread much to maintain the clearest shape possible. These cookies look fantastic undecorated, but a simple flood of icing for the pumpkin body and the face details (in black and orange, as illustrated on the packaging, or yellow and orange for a glowing pumpkin look) can take them over the top.

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