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Wilton Bone Cookie Pan, reviewed

Wilton Bone Cookie Pan, reviewed

There are a lot of elaborate Halloween cookie pans on the market these days. There are pans with elaborate monster, witch and pumpkin designs that promise you can simply press your dough in and let the pan do the work in the oven. These pans look and sound great, but the finished cookies sometimes have so much going on that they look muddled. Sometimes a simpler design is better, and that is where Wilton’s Bone Cookie Pan comes in. This nonstick pan has five long, bone-shaped cavities that can bake up some of the creepiest cookies you’ve ever seen.

I immediately liked the fact that the cavities on this pan had very smooth edges, so there is nothing for cookie dough to get caught on. Even when pans are nonstick, sometimes detail can be lost when a design has lots of corners or edges. The cookie dough I baked in the pan was quite buttery and popped out of the pan very easily after baking. I took the advice given on the pan’s packaging and allowed the cookies to cool in the pan for several minutes before turning them out. Since the bones are so long and thin, they can easily break when they are still warm just from the weight of the cookie, not from being stuck in the pan! The finished cookies looked picture-perfect and I was thrilled with them. They had a big impact on my friends and family that ate the cookies, as well!

I used this pan to make my Cinnamon Cookie Bones with “Blood” Dipping Sauce for Halloween, and got cookies that look just perfect for a spooky celebration. The pan comes with a sugar cookie recipe that is a variation on the recipe I used for my cinnamon cookies and it will turn out excellent bones, as well. Since the pan will help the cookies hold their shape, you can also use this pan with other types of cookie dough, though you should follow the same baking directions I used to ensure that you bones set well and don’t break when you’re taking them out of the pan.

Cinnamon Cookie Bones, served with "Blood" Dipping Sauce

The other thing to like about this pan is that the clean design allows you to use it for other baking projects. You might not want a plate full of bones at a Mother’s Day Brunch, however, you could bake up a batch of dog biscuits for Fido or cheese biscuits (for dipping in soups!) any day of the year. If you happen to be a fan of The Walking Dead or zombie films in general, they’re always good for a snack during a viewing party, too.

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  • Linda
    October 23, 2014

    I got one of these for .50 or $1 last year on clearance. Made a great pan for dog bones for a Christmas gift. Might have to try it for the humans this time!!

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