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Halloween Treats for Zombie Fans

Vanilla Yogurt Panna Cotta Brains with Raspberry Filling
Vampires, witches and ghosts are all popular Halloween monsters, and they have been for many years. Zombies have been a popular Halloween option since at least the days of Night of the Living Dead, but with the popularity of The Walking Dead, zombies are more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking for a scary dessert for a Halloween party or simply want to serve up some themed treats for your next Walking Dead viewing party, these zombie-themed baked goods will have you covered.

Everyone knows that zombies often go for the brain, and you can put a more elegant twist on that idea by making Vanilla Yogurt Panna Cotta Brains with Raspberry Filling. Made in a brain-shaped mold, these delicate custards burst open to reveal a sweet-tart raspberry center when you go to take a bite. It’s a great effect for zombie-lovers in particular.

Bloody Brain Cupcakes, for Zombie Fans

Another brain-themed dessert comes in the form of my Bloody Brain Cupcakes, one of the creepiest cupcakes you can make. These pink cupcakes are topped with squiggly vanilla brains and have a cranberry filling inside that will ooze out when you take that first bite. They’re so good, you can see why zombies often say “Mmm… brains…!”

Zombie Graveyard Cake, for Walking Dead viewing parties!
A Zombie Graveyard Cake is the perfect choice when you have a big crowd to serve. The colorful sheet cake uses some bright, yet still spooky, colors in an unusual design and is topped with a “dirt” crumb graveyard that you can decorate any way you want to. Tombstones, candy corn pumpkins and tiny skeleton hands are all great accessory options.

Chocolate Dirt Cupcakes, for Halloween!
Zombies don’t usually upkeep their appearance the way we do, since they are the undead, and these Chocolate Dirt Cupcakes will get you into a zombie mood. The cupcakes are made with Devil’s Food Cake and are rolled in chocolate cake crumbs that give them an earthy look. A few gummy worms as accessories, and you’ll have a treat that looks like it also rose from the dead. Keep some napkins around when serving these, as they can get messy.

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