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Zoku Fish Pop Molds

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Zoku Fish Pops

Zoku is known for their quick pop makers, which allow you to make popsicles in as little as two minutes if you have pre-chilled the base. The gadget is fun to use, but traditional popsicle molds are even easier because they require less hands-on time, even if you do have to wait for the pops to freeze completely before serving them. Traditional molds also give you a lot more size and shape options than the quick pops, and Zoku makes some interesting traditional molds, too. Zoku Fish Pop Molds are silicone molds that let you create popsicles with some unique – and fun – sea creature shapes. The shapes include a shark, a clownfish, an octopus, a whale, a puffer fish and a scuba diver. The handles of the pops are designed to match the shapes of the pops, so the scuba diver has legs with fins and the octopus has tentacles. The sticks that are attached to the handles look like cartoon fish skeletons, which gives the pops an extra element of fun while you’re eating them.

Since these molds are made of silicone, they capture a lot of detail and your frozen pops will look picture perfect every time. Unlike plastic pop molds, these do not need to be run under warm water to release them. The silicone molds invert when you pull out the pops for an easy, clean release. Just be sure that your pops are completely frozen, so that fish skeleton doesn’t pop out when you tug on the tail of your pop!

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