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Tovolo Frozen Jewel Ice Pop Molds

Tovolo Frozen Jewel Ice Pop Molds
If you grew up during the 1980s – or shopped for candy any time during that decade – you probably saw bright, shiny jewel-shaped Ring Pops on the candy aisle. They were lollipops that looked as good as they tasted, and were an instant hit with their fun and fashionable design. They still sell Ring Pops, and though it may seem like their heyday was during the years after their initial release, the design is as good an idea as ever. It even appears to have inspired the design for Tovolo’s Frozen Jewel Ice Pop Molds.

These popsicles are shaped like gigantic gemstones, and each one is mounted on a short stick set with a ring, rather than a more common stick or other handle. Each of the rings has a drip tray built into it, so your hand won’t get covered in fruit juice or other sticky stuff while you enjoy your treat – and that alone is more than you can say for most popsicles. Most Tovolo popsicle molds come with a stand where the popsicles can set up while being held up and these are no exception. The stand doesn’t take up much room in the freezer, though once the pops are set, you can remove the stand and store them anywhere they’ll fit. The design will definitely still appeal to kids, just like the candy ring pops do, but these are a cute, fun pop mold for adults, too, and I can easily see a batch of them making an appearance at a summertime cocktail party!

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  • Faith Voelbel
    June 10, 2013

    what’s Molds The Max. Heat Capacity In With These molds?

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