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Silicone Waffle Tongs

Waffle Tongs
How do you get your waffles out of the waffle iron? Do you try to snag the edge of the waffle with a fork to lift it out? This is usually my strategy, and although it can be very successful, there are some drawbacks. First, if I don’t get a good hold on the waffle it can tear and the edge. Second, if I’m using a nonstick waffle iron, I worry a bit about going too far through the waffle and scratching the surface of the iron with my fork. These are why I wanted to try out some Silicone Waffle Tongs I spotted at Williams-Sonoma. The cute little tongs aren’t necessarily the most versatile tool you can put in your kitchen, but they work well at the job they were designed for.

The tongs have a small silicone spatula on one side and a wide-pronged silicone fork on the other, enabling them to get into the iron easily and lift the waffle without crushing it, though keeping a firm grip. They’re particularly good for serving waffles of all sizes. The tongs are designed to work especially well with All-Clad waffle irons, which have a low side that the edge of the spatula can easily slide under. They still work well with other irons, but I can imagine that if you have one with a very steep side edge – like some Belgian waffle irons – getting the tongs into place might be a bit difficult. One final benefit is that having them in the kitchen will probably inspire you to use your waffle iron a little bit more, so you’ll end up with more good breakfasts and better value from an appliance (and tongs) that you might use only occasionally otherwise!

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  • ah these are brilliant! like you said, not versatile, but i would certainly use them with my waffles! i’ll be looking for these, thanks for the review!

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