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Drop Scale Aims to Make Baking Easier

Drop Baking Scale
Bakers will tell you that everyone should have a kitchen scale at home. It may seem easier to scoop up a cup of this and a tablespoon of that, but measuring your ingredients will give you more accurate and more consistent results in the long run. Many people avoid scales because they just seem like extra work, though scale-lovers swear that they streamline the baking process. One new startup has designed a better kitchen scale that just might making baking easier for everyone.

It’s called the Drop Baking Scale. The scale works in conjunction with an iPad app and it knows how much of each ingredient you need to add in to your recipe. To use it, you simply pour directly from your container into a bowl placed on the scale. The app will tell you when to stop and add in the next ingredient. Another interesting feature is that the scale scales ingredients automatically. For instance, if you are baking a cookie recipe that calls for 6 ounces of flour and you only have 4 ounces left in your bag, it will adjust the other ingredients in the recipe to fit the flour measurement. If you want to double, triple or otherwise increase a recipe, it can scale ingredients up without any calculations from you. It also takes into account when some ingredients don’t need to be doubled when increasing a recipe, such as the amount of yeast in a bread dough.

The recipe selection is curated to ensure good quality recipes, and the app will also offer selections from some cookbooks. The scale is currently only available for preorder, but the first models will ship out in the fall to bakers everywhere that are looking for a little something different.

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