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Wilton Spiderweb Cake Pan

Wilton Spiderweb Cake Pan
There are many images that we associate with Halloween: jack o’ lanterns, haunted houses, black cats and – of course – plenty of spiderwebs. The idea of a creepy crawly spider (especially the large, colorful Halloween variety) running around the house is a spooky one and Wilton Spiderweb Cake Pan plays on this particular Halloween fantasy very well. This is a two piece set that includes a spiderweb shaped pan and a small spider pan. The larger pan is about 9-inches across, roughly the size of a regular 9-inch round cake pan. You can fill it with your favorite cake or brownie batter and bake, then use the points of the spiderweb as guidelines for decorating the finished treat.

As you make your batter, don’t forget to set a little aside to fill the smaller cake pan. The small spider pan is similar in size to a single cupcake mold, if that cupcake mold were topped with a spider. The spider shape pops up from the base of the cake, so it really stands out and is easy to both see and decorate. While there is only one of the mini pans included in the set, you can make multiple spiders to decorate or accessorize your large spiderweb. Most cake and brownie batters can handle sitting at room temperature for a while while waiting to go into the oven, so you can simply bake one cake (should not take long on the small pan), then clean the pan and refill it for another trip into the oven.

Once your cakes are done, all you have to do is get decorating and you’ll have a very creepy Halloween scene.

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