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Nordic Ware Filled Delights Baking Pan

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Nordic Ware Filled Delights Baking Pan

One of the easiest desserts you can make during the summer is to pile whipped cream and fresh berries on top of a piece of cake. Store bought cake is always an option, and both bakeries and grocery stores make it easy for you by selling cakes with a depression on top that is just waiting to be filled with berries. These little cakes are often sold as shortcake-cakes. The shape is very convenient and there aren’t all that many pans that allow you to reproduce it at home with your own cake recipes. One pan that does, however, is the Nordic Ware Filled Delights Baking Pan. The pan resembles a quiche or flan pan, with gently sloping sides and a depression in the bottom. Simply add the batter of your choice and, when the cake is baked, invert it so that the depression is on top. When the cake is cooled, it can be filled with berries, whipped cream, custard or even ice cream for an easy and fun way to serve dessert.

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