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Gift Cakelet Pan

Gift Cakelet Pan
Cupcakes make great gifts and, one could argue, they make even better gifts when they come all wrapped up in a neat little package. Cakes made with this Gift Cakelet Pan come out of the oven already wrapped and ready to go. The nonstick, cast-aluminum Nordicware pan is designed to produce 6 package-shaped cakes, each wrapped with a lovely ribbon. The nonstick interior of the pan allows the cakes to come out easily and cleanly, preserving all of the detail from the ribbon design. If the interior starts to become less nonstick with a lot of use, a little oil and flour inside of the pan will also help those cakes slide right out.

There really is no need to decorate these cakes beyond a sprinkle of cocoa powder or confectioners’ sugar because they’re darn cute on their own, but you can get very creative when you decorate these if you prefer to use frosting or fondant. There are an endless number of ways that you can dress these up, and a plate full of festive miniature gifts would be a great start to any holiday celebration.

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