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Mozo Women’s Fab Canvas Kitchen Shoes, reviewed

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Mozo Ballet Shoes

Kitchen shoes should be nonslip and very comfortable, whether you’re working in a professional kitchen or at home. Even though you might not spend as much time working in your kitchen as a pro does behind the line every day, standing over the stove or at the oven can be very fatiguing, especially if you have a very hard floor – such as ceramic or stone tiles – in your kitchen. Crocs and Dansko clogs are two shoe brands that are very popular with people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and they do a great job keeping your feet comfy. That said, they’re not exactly the most attractive shoes on the market (despite the fact that many people where Crocs wherever they go), and that fact has often left me wishing that I could wear something that was both comfy and cute in the kitchen.

The Fab Canvas Flats from Mozo caught my eye for this very reason. Mozo specializes in modern footware for culinary professionals (and home cooks) that offer comfort, practicality and great design.  These canvas Mary Jane-style flats are cute enough to be mistaken for “regular” shoes, yet are designed with kitchen utility in mind. The feminine shoes boast a slip resistant sole and have a waxed canvas upper for water resistance so that you don’t need to worry about spills staining your shoes. They’re comfortable with or without socks (though I typically wear mine with socks, especially if I think there is a chance that I’ll be spilling anything) thanks to a comfortable padded lining inside, and they are lightweight enough that I almost forget I’m wearing them.

After several weeks of wear, I can definitely say that these are my new favorite kitchen shoes. They’re very comfy and I can wear them both indoors and out to run errands without feeling like I need to change shoes (unlike my Crocs, though they still get worn out once in a while). I like that they are flat (unlike my Danskos, which are quite tall). The yellow color – which you might think is too light to hold up to kitchen use – is bright, sunny and unstained, even after a few small mishaps. The colors of the shoe collection are inspired by farmers market foods and they come in another style if you find that the Mary Janes aren’t quite the look that you’re going for. And me? I’m just contemplating getting a second pair just to wear out and keeping this one just for kitchen use.

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