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Pi Baking Mold

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Pie Baking Mold
If you are a bit of a math geek, you might already know that March 14th is Pi Day. It has this designation because 3/14 is the start of the number pi (Ï€, or 3.14159…). Pi Day is often celebrated with slices of actual pie, due to the similar sound of their names, but you could pipe a pi onto cupcakes, cookies or regular cakes to infuse your day with a little pi, as well. You could also get yourself a Pi Baking Mold for pi-related culinary projects. The silicone mold is 9-inches across and 2-inches deep, and it has a bold pi symbol right on top. It is oven and freezer safe, so you can use it to bake a pi cake and also to mold pi ice blocks for chilling punch at parties (preferably math-related parties, of course). Like most silicone bakeware, you will want to place this on top of a baking sheet when you put it into the oven to ensure that it stays level so your cake bakes as evenly as possible.  It can also be used for molding gelatin, if you prefer your pi to be jiggly.

The pan certainly isn’t going to replace a standard cake pan, but if you have any kind of fondness for the number pi, this should be right up your alley. And there probably isn’t a math teacher out there who would say no to a pi-themed cake, whether it is pi day or not!

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