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Macarons, Sprinkles and the Swatch Pastry Chef Collection

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Swatch Pastry Chef Collection: Macaron Watch
I have a lot of timers in my kitchen. They keep me on schedule and prevent me from forgetting to check my baked goods at the appropriate time. I have oven timers, microwave timers, cell phone timers and, of course, my watch. A watch is both a tool and a fashion accessory – and I have never seen watches that are more appropriate for bakers who spend as much time in the kitchen as I do than in the Swatch Pastry Chef Collection. This collection was just release for the Spring and Summer, and it is inspired by all things sweet.

Swatch Pastry Chef Collection

The collection includes 10 watches that are covered with sprinkles, licorice, frosting and – my favorite – macarons. The watches are fun and their bright colors are perfect for summertime, when you often feel like having something sweet without heating up your kitchen to do some baking.  They caught my eye the last time I walked by a Swatch boutique and I knew that the macaron watch, officially called the Sweet Explosion, was something that belonged in the Baking Bites kitchen.

Swatch Pastry Chef Collection: Macaron Watch

My watch, like the others in the collection, has a plastic case, accurate quartz movement and a flexible silicone band.  It’s water resistant, so I don’t have to worry about washing it off in case it gets a dusting of flour or a smear of brownie batter while I’m baking. It doesn’t have a timer function, but I have plenty of those around the kitchen and the bright pink and orange hands stand out very well and won’t let me forget to check the oven. I also happen to like the size of the watch, which has a slightly larger dial than some ladies’ watches, so the design stands out a little bit more. And – perhaps best of all – I feel like baking macarons even more often than I did before! The watches are reasonably priced, but they are just as addictive as real pastries are and you might find yourself tempted into getting an extra watch or two because the designs are just about irresistible.

Swatch Pastry Chef Collection: Macaron Watch

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  • BVanWinkle
    June 10, 2014

    cute designs!

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