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Valentine Cookie Sticks Pan

Heart Cookie Stick Pan
This new Valentine Cookie Sticks Pan from Wilton has a strange sounding name, but the pan actually allows you to easily bake some very unique cookies that are a lovely way to bake up some sweet treats for Valentine’s Day. The pan has eight long, shallow cavities that each look like a series of hearts. You simply drop or press your cookie dough into the cavities and bake – and you end up with a cookie “stick” that is ready for the holiday. The pan has four different designs on it, including a plain series of hearts, hearts that read “LOVE” and “XOXO”, and a pair of hearts with cupid’s arrow running through them. They’re very sweet designs and look great on the finished cookies, with designs that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

The nice thing about cookie pans is that they don’t take any more effort than baking a batch of drop cookies because there is no need to roll or shape the dough before baking. Since the dough is contained in the cavity, you can use this pan with a wide variety of different cookie recipes, as well. Plain sugar or shortbread cookies will give you a lot of definition from the designs, but you even chocolate chip cookie dough will work. The pan has a nonstick interior, so any cookie should slide right out after it is baked.

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