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5 Delicious Irish Cream Treats for St Patrick’s Day

Delicious Irish Cream Treats for St Patrick's Day

Irish cream is a delicious liqueur that is both a great treat to enjoy when celebrating St Patrick’s Day and when you want to do a little Irish-inspired baking. The liqueur is made with a base of Irish whiskey and usually has a flavor that blends chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Some brands, like Bailey’s, make several flavored versions of Irish cream, as well. I do keep Bailey’s in my kitchen, but I also enjoy making (and drinking) homemade Irish cream liqueur. Whether it is homemade or store-bought, these Irish cream-infused recipes will put a delicious twist on your baking!

  • Irish Cream Brownies have Irish cream mixed right into the batter, giving the fudgy chocolate a delicious flavor twist. They brownies are also finished with a chocolate Irish cream glaze, to ensure you get plenty of kick in every bite.
  • Bailey’s and Vanilla Tiramisu is a little lighter than your traditional tiramisu. The rich, vanilla mascarpone filling contrasts perfectly with the coffee and Irish cream-spiked ladyfingers. This is a no-cook recipe, but tastes best after it has some time to sit in the fridge.
  • Irish Cream Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes are a delicious liqueur-laced alternative to a cocktail after dinner. The cupcakes, which can be made as minis or full size cupcakes, have a generous dose of Irish cream in the batter and are topped with an addictive mint chocolate icing.
  • Bailey’s Cheesecake Bars will satisfy even the most traditional cheesecake lover. The bars are made on a chocolate crumb crust that highlights the chocolate notes in the Irish cream. The recipe makes a big enough batch to serve a crowd and they are easier to make than a full size cheesecake.
  • Homemade Irish Cream Truffles are milk chocolate truffles kissed with Irish cream. Rolled in green sprinkles, instead of more traditional cocoa powder, these indulgent truffles look just as good as they taste!

Homemade Irish Cream Truffles

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