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Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters

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Comic Book Cookies
I haven’t had the urge to make my own comic book in some time – but I will admit that as a kid I spent countless hours (usually on family trips) illustrating my own comic series in journals and notebooks. I actually preferred to make my own rather than read other people’s comics, though looking back I would put money on the fact that my stories, given that I was still in grade school, were far from anything that would have attracted a group of fans at Comic-Con. When I saw a display set up with these Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters at Williams Sonoma, I was intrigued because of the level of detail on the cookies. But the cookie cutter set has an ingenious design that allows you to make your own comic books (well, the covers at least) on a cookie canvas in your own kitchen.

The cookie cutter set comes with a double sided rectangular cutter, that both cuts out the shape of the comics and stamps the cut-out with an authentic logo that says “The Amazing Spiderman.” It also comes with a variety of spidey-shapes – from villains to speech bubbles – that you can use to customize your covers by stamping them into the frame. Be sure to use a good butter cookie dough so that the dough doesn’t spread out during baking (this Best Butter Cookie recipe works well, and I add a few tablespoons of extra flour for a drier dough that really holds its shape), or you’ll loose a little clarity on the design. If you don’t want all Spiderman cookies, use other cookie cutters as stamps and keep the speech bubble stamps to keep the comic look. Once the cookies are cool, you can decorate them.

I suspect that these comics also have a big advantage over those I drew as a kid. Not only are the designs sharp and professional looking, but they’re edible and should be very tasty, too. Decorating might take a little practice, but small icing tips, a steady hand and a little patience will help your comic books come out looking like the real deal.

Comic Book Cookies

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  • Heather Cane
    August 30, 2011

    Oh my – I MUST have these! My Dad is a huge Spider-Man fan!!! I know he would love to get a batch of cookies like that! It’s a definite ADD to my list of things to get when I visit the States in September!

  • Mary Jane
    September 14, 2011

    Thanks for the helpful tips! The decorating looks difficult. How do you ice the background of the book (like the orange background from photo) and then pipe the stencil of Spider-Man? Any helpful tips? I’m a rookie but so wanting to make these!


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