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Frosted Snowman Cupcake Molds


I probably spend more time decorating cookies and cupcakes around the holidays than I do the rest of the year. I always want my cakes and cookies to look nice, of course, but all the cutout cookies and festive cakes of the Christmas season make me want to decorate just a little bit more and not keep things quite as simple as I might the rest of the year. I’m also a little bit more interested in shaped and specialty bakeware as a way to bring in a little bit more fun to holiday baked goods. Fred’s Frosted Snowman Cupcake Molds are just one example of something that can bring a little extra holiday flair into the kitchen. The silicone molds are shaped like snowmen, and when you bake with them, you get a whole snowman to eat and decorate. More often than not, snowman cupcakes simply have piles of frosting or small decorations on top, while this layout gives you a whole, large snowman to decorate.

Since they’re silicone, the molds are nonstick and will release your cake easily. They can also be used as serving pieces to contain your cakes, if you don’t want to turn them out before decorating. They’re about twice the size of regular cupcakes and come four to a set.

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