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Dying eggs and recipe ideas for Easter


Easter is only a couple of days away, which means that it is crunch time for ironing out your plans. Easter eggs don’t dye themselves and cookies won’t get decorated without your help!

If you are going to be dying eggs, the easiest way to go is to use store bought dye kits, which to save time and make plain, but brightly colored eggs. My preference is for the slightly more exciting swirled eggs, where you can get more interesting designs and color combinations. The most “foodie” way to do Easter eggs is by going all-natural with onion-dyed eggs.

And while the eggs are important for ambiance, nothing is as important as the food. I like to do Easter brunch, so my menu often includes: Easter Egg Challah (grandpa’s favorite), Meyer Lemon Scones, Crumb Cake and Cinnamon Buns. Savory items are always easy, make ahead (or buy ahead, in some cases) items, including Pasta Salad and Honeybaked ham (grandma’s favorite). Maki’s bunny-shaped bao (steamed buns) are a perfect Easter choice, as well.

For dessert, everyone should have some Peeps S’mores. Cutout cookies will be a huge hit with kids and carrot cake will appease the Easter bunny. And by “Easter bunny” I mean whoever did all the work putting together a perfect holiday, because s/he definitely deserve a treat!

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  • cybele
    April 6, 2007

    My mother and I saved up onion skins (brown & purple) for about a year and made the onion marbled eggs a few years ago. It’s a LOT of work. But they were really beautiful when we were done. I liked the ones where we mixed the purple and brown together.

  • s'kat
    April 6, 2007

    The swirly eggs are very cool!

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