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Wilton Dimensions 3D Mini Skull Pan

Wilton Mini Skull Pan
Big cakes can make a big impact on the dessert table, and Nordic Ware’s large Skull Cake Pan is certain to grab your attention, but smaller cakes can be easier to bake, serve and eat and you can get just as much creepiness on your Halloween dessert table with Wilton’s Dimensions 3D Mini Skull Pan. The nonstick pan has eight cavities, four each for the back of the skulls and for the fronts, and allows you to put together four three dimensional skulls that will sit up and look back at your. Each cavity measures about 4 x 3.5 inches, which makes the finished skulls similar to the size of extra large muffins and big enough for one very hungry Halloween guest or for two people to share. The pan itself also has some little skull and crossbone details that are cute to look at and fit the pan’s Halloween theme perfectly.

One of the things that makes this pan so much fun is that the decorating options are almost endless. The cakes can be served as-is, since the pan will imprint a face on the cake, or they can be covered in fondant and elaborately decorated. Baking four small cakes at a time will allow you to experiment with a few different “looks” for your skulls, rather than having to stick with just one for a larger pan. You can also use this pan to mold large skull ice cubes, shape rice krispy treats or even to set Jell-o in, so you can keep the skull theme going across all kinds of different dishes and desserts.

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