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Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreos, reviewed

Candy Corn Oreos are limited edition Oreos that Nabisco first released for Halloween in 2012. They were such a huge success that they sold out of stores within a few weeks of their release and well before Halloween actually came around. I love to bake cookies n’ cream flavored desserts and am always curious to give limited edition Oreos a try to see how they stack up to the originals. I was even more curious about these particular Oreos because I happen to be a candy corn fan, as well! Unfortunately, I never had the chance to pick up a package because stores in my area ran out before October even rolled around. I’m sure that Nabisco made sure that they had a bigger supply of the Candy Corn Oreos this season, but I didn’t want to take a chance and picked up a package as soon as I saw them to give them a taste test.


The Candy Corn Oreos are made with the vanilla “golden” Oreo wafers and have a combination of yellow and orange filling inside. You get a distinct whiff of butteriness when you open the package, but that quickly softens to mellower aroma is a little bit more like buttercream frosting than candy corn. I think that most of the flavor in these comes from the cookie wafers, which means that even though they smell like butter, they taste mostly like vanilla. Candy corn often have a distinct honey note to them and there was no honey flavor in these. They’re sweet, but nowhere near as sweet as actual candy corn are.

Overall, I would say that these are a mixed bag. The colors are great and I know that they’ll look good as a seasonal substitution in Oreo or cookies n’ cream desserts during the fall. For instance, this Cookies n’ Cream Pound Cake would look fantastic with specks of orange and yellow. They don’t have a distinct candy corn flavor, which could be a bit of a negative for candy corn fans (like myself), but a positive to people who love the colors and aren’t fans of the flavor of traditional candy corn.

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