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Botanical Pumpkin Loaf Pan

A lot of pumpkin pans are geared towards Halloween and have a spooky element to them. Pumpkin desserts, however, are enjoyed all autumn and don’t need to be limited to spooky Halloween celebrations. The Botanical Pumpkin Loaf Pan from Williams Sonoma is the kind of pan that you can use throughout the fall, from well before Halloween all the way into winter. It has a beautiful pumpkin pattern on the top, complete with twisting vines and leaves, and is a great way to capture the look of a fall harvest.

The pan is made of heavy duty cast aluminum by Nordic Ware. The design is actually on the bottom of the pan, so you need to turn your breads and cakes out and leave them upside down for the design to be presented on the top. It is detailed enough that you won’t need glaze or frosting to finish off your favorite loaf, but don’t forget to grease and flour the pan – even though it is nonstick – to ensure that all those little details come through clearly when you turn out the cake. It can also be helpful to knock the pan on the kitchen counter (lined with a kitchen towel for padding) before you put the cake in the oven to get out any air bubbles that may be lurking in the design.

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  • Kris
    October 29, 2013

    How would this balance in the oven?

  • Nicole
    October 29, 2013

    Kris – It’s hard to tell from the overhead angle, but the three large pumpkins are all the same height and provide good points of contact for the pan to sit flat on them. If you have really wide bars on your oven shelves, you might want to put it on a sheet tray, but for most ovens it should sit up just fine.

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