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Pumpkin Cupcake Pan

Pumpkin Cupcake Pan

We’re heading into crunch time when Halloween is concerned, and if you want to get into the pumpkin-decorating spirit without carving open a big squash, a cute Pumpkin Cupcake Pan just might fit the bill. This is a standard muffin tin that has pumpkin-shaped depressions around each muffin cup. When you batter rises – whether you’re baking a cupcake or a high-rising muffin – it will spread and form into a pumpkin-shaped muffin top. You will need to choose a thick muffin batter or simply overfill your muffin tin when you divide the batter up to get the maximum effect of the pumpkin-shaped pan. This might cause you to get one or two fewer cupcakes from a batch of batter. Even so, you’ll probably going to have to bake in batches to work through a whole batch of batter because the pan only makes six at a time. Be sure to let the pan cool completely before filling it, and if you have to cool it quickly, running it until cold water can help.

The pumpkin shape is cute on its own, and a pumpkin muffin certainly needs no additional decoration. If you opt for a cupcake, dye your icing orange and get a contrasting color to pipe little jack-o-lantern faces onto the tops of the cakes.

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  • CookiePie
    October 21, 2008

    That’s so cute and festive!!

  • The Food Hunter
    October 21, 2008

    That is such a great idea. Love the pan

  • Christie
    October 22, 2008

    I was looking for some fun muffins to make for a November post on my baking blog, and I think these might be perfect.
    So whimsical!

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