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Zak Designs Insulated Ice Cream Tubs

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Zak Designs Insulated Ice Cream Tubs

If you’ve ever made homemade ice cream, you’ve probably wondered where to put it once you have churned it. Tupperware, Glad containers and even bowls covered with plastic wrap are often utilized, but while these containers get the job done, they don’t give your ice cream a very professional look. The Insulated Ice Cream Tubs from Zak Designs, on the other hand, are great looking tubs that also happen to be great places to store ice cream. The containers are slightly larger than an ice cream pint that you might buy at the store and have a sturdy plastic base and a thick, spoon-imprinted lid. The base and sides of the container are foam insulated, to keep the cold in when it is filled with ice cream, and the lid is filled with freezer gel that acts as an ice pack inside the container, also helping to keep the ice cream cold. In the freezer, the extra freezing power of this container might not be necessary, but it will keep your ice cream frozen for about 90 minutes when the container is out in the air – and that means you can easily use it to transport your ice cream anywhere you might need to go.

The containers also hold a complete store bought pint – including the cardboard container – inside, so you can pop your favorite Haagen-Dazs flavor in there and easily take it to the beach or a barbecue without worrying that it will melt into a milkshake in the meantime.

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