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Tovolo Twin Pop Molds

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Tovolo Twin Pops

The jingle of the ice cream truck would bring me and all of my friends running when we were kids playing in the park after school. They always had something new and exciting that looked good, and some kids would go for that. I liked the new and exciting things, too, but often stuck with a few treats that were my favorites and twin pops were one. Twin pops are frozen treats that look like two popsicles stuck together. You could eat them as one item, holding on to both sticks as you licked the melting fruit juice, or you could try to break them in half to share with a friend. I don’t remember what other flavors the twin pops came in, but I tended to go with “red.” I haven’t been to an ice cream truck in a while, but I recently spotted the Tovolo Twin Pop Molds that allow you to make your own twin pops at home. The set comes with molds to make four double pops. The bases, even though they are plastic, will also separate to give you the option of splitting your pop, just like the ones from the ice cream truck. All of the molds snap into a base to hold them upright in the freezer as they set, too. You’ll have to supply your own ice cream truck jingle, but the pops will be just as satisfying as they were when you were a kid.

I’m staying away from “red” pops this time around and would fill these with Strawberry Margarita Popsicles or Homemade Fudgesicles instead.

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  • d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo
    May 31, 2012

    Oh how great! These remind me of my summer camp days – we always got twin pops as our snack on hot days! The whole camp always used to fight over the “blue”. I’m not even sure what flavor they were, but you were definitely a cool kid if you managed to snag one!!

    I might just have to pick these up to make some high quality (probably not blue) pops myself!

  • Elle
    May 31, 2012

    I want some just like this!

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