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Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Spray, reviewed

TJ's Coconut Oil Spray
Coconut oil is a natural vegetable oil made by pressing the oil out of coconut meal. The fat is used in many cooking and baking applications, and it is become more and more common in grocery stores. Typically, coconut oil is found packaged in a jar, and I was surprised to see that Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Spray took another approach to this oil by putting it in a spray can. The cooking spray is the same kind that you’ll see for other spray-on vegetable oils, which are most often used for greasing the pans when cooking or baking.

Virgin coconut oil is a solid at room temperature and I was curious about how this product was even able to be propelled from a can. The answer is that this is a refined coconut oil with a small amount of emulsifier included, which keeps it fluid enough to expel from the can even in cold weather.

I found that this coconut cooking spray works even better than I anticipated and I really liked using it. Like solid coconut oil, this product does have a slightly coconutty aroma to it, which fades once you cook with it, but might surprise some people who haven’t used coconut oil in the past. It created a very good nonstick surface each time I used it, and especially with some of my bakeware (like bundt pans) that has sharp edges or intricate designs. I attributed this to the fact that the oil seems slightly thicker than some other vegetable oils and gave my surfaces a nice thick coat. Some sprays drip and pool too much when you try to use a generous coating.

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  • Keira
    May 30, 2013

    Thanks for the review! I keep seeing this coconut oil cooking spray on TJ’s shelves but haven’t brought myself to buy it yet (though I gobble up their traditional coconut oil like there’s no tomorow). I’ll pick some up next time I’m in the store and give it a shot. Glad to hear you had success with it!

  • We’re finally getting a Trader Joe’s in the town I live in this year and this will be on my list!

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