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Nordic Ware Chiffon Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware Chiffon Bundt Pan
Bundt cakes are always a great dessert to bring to a party. They’re easy to make and require no elaborate decorations, since the pans themselves give so much character to the cake. This Chiffon Bundt Cake Pan is a new design from Nordic Ware that is even more occasion-oriented than most bundt pans. It features a beautiful design that is inspired by waves of flowing chiffon fabric that is just stunning to look at. As with all Nordic Ware pans, this one is made of heavy cast iron and has a nonstick interior so that all those details make it into the finished cake clearly. A generous coating of grease or nonstick spray, such as Coconut Oil Cooking Spray, is still a good backup to get some extra insurance when you bake.

The cake could be served as-is, garnished with fresh berries or dusted with confectioners’ sugar – depending on what flavor of cake you’re baking and what the occasion is. It would make an elegant dessert at a garden party or summer barbecue, but it could also very well match a wedding dress at a more casual summertime wedding if tiered cakes aren’t your thing and you want to keep dessert simple and classic. And if you end up using the latter idea, I would recommend doubling my Vanilla Bean Pound Cake recipe and serving it with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

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